The Top American-Made SUVs for 2024

If you’re in the market for a new SUV and want to buy American, you’re in luck. Domestic automakers have stepped up their game in recent years, producing a strong lineup of sport utility vehicles across different sizes and price points. Here are some of the top American-made SUV models to consider in 2024:

ModelTypeNotable FeaturesAssembly Location
Jeep WranglerOff-roadLegendary off-road capability, 4-door Unlimited variant, Rubicon trim for maximum trail performanceToledo, Ohio
Ford ExpeditionFull-sizeIncredible cargo space, towing capacity, plush interior, advanced driver aids, EcoBoost V6 engineLouisville, Kentucky
Chevrolet Tahoe/SuburbanLargeCavernous family haulers, latest tech and luxury features, strong V8 engines for towing, Suburban offers maximum cargo volumeArlington, Texas
Ford BroncoMidsize Off-roadInspired by 1960s model, off-road capability, two-door and four-door options, removable doors and roofWayne, Michigan
Tesla Model XElectricFalcon Wing doors, tri-motor Plaid edition for insane acceleration and over 300 miles range, immense cargo space, minimalist designFremont, California
The Top American-Made SUVs

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler
  • Iconic off-road capability
  • More comfort and tech features in the latest models
  • 4-door Unlimited variant offers generous cabin space
  • Rubicon trim maximizes trail performance
  • Assembled in Toledo, Ohio

The iconic Jeep Wrangler continues its legendary off-road capability in the latest 2024 models. While maintaining its rugged roots, the Wrangler now offers more comfort and tech features than ever before. The 4-door Unlimited provides generous cabin space, and you can opt for the gnarly Rubicon trim to maximize trail performance. Assembled in Toledo, Ohio.

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition
  • Full-size SUV
  • Incredible cargo space and towing capacity
  • Plush, well-appointed interior
  • Advanced driver aids and easy-to-use touchscreen standard
  • Powerful yet reasonably fuel-efficient EcoBoost V6 engine
  • Built in Louisville, Kentucky

The Ford Expedition full-size SUV delivers incredible cargo space, towing capacity, and a plush, well-appointed interior. The extended-length Expedition MAX provides even more cargo room. Advanced driver aids and an easy-to-use touchscreen come standard. With the strong EcoBoost V6 engine, the Expedition is both powerful and reasonably fuel-efficient. Built in Louisville, Kentucky.

Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban

Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban
  • Large SUV siblings
  • Cavernous family haulers
  • Loaded with latest tech and luxury features
  • Strong V8 engines provide excellent towing ability
  • Suburban offers maximum cargo volume
  • Assembled in Arlington, Texas

Chevy’s large SUV siblings, the Tahoe and Suburban, are both cavernous family haulers loaded with the latest tech and luxury features. Their strong V8 engines provide excellent towing ability when equipped properly. The massive Suburban should be your pick if you need maximum cargo volume. Assembled in Arlington, Texas.

Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco
  • Stellar off-road midsize SUV
  • Inspired by the iconic 1960s model
  • Two-door and four-door body styles available
  • Removable doors and roof for open-air driving experience
  • Manufactured in Wayne, Michigan

Drawing inspiration from its iconic 1960s predecessor, the reborn Ford Bronco is a stellar off-road midsize SUV ready to tackle the toughest trails. The Bronco comes in two-door and four-door body styles, with the larger option better suited for families. Removable doors and roof provide an open-air driving experience unlike anything else. Manufactured in Wayne, Michigan.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X
  • All-electric American SUV
  • Distinctive Falcon Wing doors
  • Tri-motor Plaid edition offers insane acceleration and over 300 miles of estimated range
  • Immense cargo space
  • Minimalist design and tech focus
  • Assembled in Fremont, California

For an all-electric American SUV, check out the Tesla Model X with its distinctive Falcon Wing doors. The tri-motor Plaid edition offers insane acceleration and over 300 miles of estimated range. The Model X provides immense cargo space along with Tesla’s trademark minimalist design and tech focus. Assembled in Fremont, California.

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Those are some of the top current American SUV models to consider across different capability levels and sizes. Be sure to test drive your favorites to see which one best meets your needs and driving preferences.

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