Transforming Toyota Highlander into a Capable Off-Road Vehicle

The Toyota Highlander is best known as a family-friendly crossover used for school runs and shopping trips. With its car-like unibody construction and independent suspension, most owners would never dream of taking it off-road. However, with the right modifications, this practical SUV can be converted into a remarkably adept overland vehicle ready to handle dirt roads, trails, and so much more.

Assessing Your Off-Road Ambitions

Before investing time and money into modifying your Highlander, it’s important to define your off-roading goals and needs clearly. This will ultimately determine the extent of upgrades required.

Cost Breakdown for Toyota Highlander Off-Road Builds

When planning your Toyota Highlander off-road build, it’s essential to understand the cost breakdown for different levels of customization. Below, we outline the expenses for entry-level, intermediate, and advanced overland builds:

Entry-Level Build:

  • Lift kit & shocks: $500
  • AT tires: $800
  • Skid plates: $400
  • Total Cost: $1,700

Intermediate Build:

  • Lift kit & shocks
  • AT tires
  • Skid plates
  • Sliders: $350
  • Upgraded brakes: $450
  • Total Cost: $2,500

Advanced Overland Build:

  • Fox or King suspension lift: $1,500
  • Larger AT tires & wheels: $1,200
  • Extended diff and transfer case armor: $750
  • Front bumper & winch: $1,800
  • Total Cost: $5,250

Types of Off-Roading You’ll Encounter

The Highlander may not be an extreme rock crawler, but it can be set up to competently tackle a variety of off-road conditions. Assess the types of terrain you are most likely to encounter, whether it be muddy trails, sandy desert paths, loose gravel, and dirt roads, or modestly rugged hill climbs. Even deep snow or flooded dirt tracks are possible. Define realistic objectives given the Highlander’s inherent capabilities.

Set a Capability Target

With a set budget in mind ($2,000-$5,000), determine just how proficient an off-roader you want your Highlander to be. If exclusively keeping to dirt and gravel fire access roads, then basic upgrades like all-terrain tires and a small lift kit could suffice. Those venturing onto rougher paths will want to unlock more axle articulation through a suspension lift paired with skid plates, rock sliders, and higher clearance. Set realistic targets to match planned adventures.

Vital Upgrades for Off-Road Prowess

While a wide range of modifications is possible, certain key upgrades are necessary to transform the Highlander into a surefooted overland rig. Focus first on enhancing ground clearance, traction, armor protection, and more.

Boost Ground Clearance with a Lift Kit

Toyota Highlander Lift Kit

One of the most beneficial upgrades for off-road duty is increasing ground clearance with a quality lift kit ($300-$800). This allows fitting larger tires while providing critical space between the underbody and terrain obstacles. For the Highlander, lift heights range from conservative 1.5 inches for a leveling kit (cheaper, minimal impact) to 2.5-3 inches for maximum clearance (Pricer, alters suspension geometry).

For lift kits, the Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 1 kit with rear coils and remote reservoirs provides up to 2.5” of lift with excellent ride quality. Match with BFGoodrich KO2 265/70R18 tires on XD Wheels for an aggressive off-road stance.

Improve Traction with All-Terrain Tires

 Toyota Highlander All-Terrain Tires

Replacing the road-biased factory tires with aggressive all-terrain alternatives like the BFGoodrich KO2 or Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac significantly boosts traction on loose surfaces without sacrificing on-road comfort. Consider sizing up for 31- to 32-inch tires allowed by lift, paying mind to potential rubbing.

Shield Vulnerable Areas with Skid Plates

Toyota Highlander Skid Plates

Quality aftermarket skid plates made from thick steel or aluminum bolted underneath drivetrain components provide essential protection against debris damage or rock impacts ($200-$500).

Supplemental Upgrades to Further Improve Capability

Beyond essential lift, tires, and protection, a few other optional upgrades markedly step up overland performance by enhancing stopping power, preventing leaks, and keeping bodywork dent-free.

The Icon Stage 1 lift and KO2 265/70R18 tire package improves approach angle from 21 to 28 degrees. Breakover angle goes from 15 to 20 degrees. The additional travel and cushion allow traversing harsher obstacles.

Upgraded Brakes for Repeated Hard Use

When tackling demanding terrain carrying extra weight, the Highlander’s brakes endure punishing use. Upgrading to performance pads and slotted rotors better resists overheating and fade, giving reliable and powerful stops when controlling steep declines.

Protect Radiator from Stone Damage

Pummeling rocks, mud, and flying debris take a toll on any radiator over time. A simple mesh guard bolted ahead of the rails deflects stones before they puncture delicate cooling fins leading to disastrous fluid leaks far from help.

Rocker Panel Protection with Sliders

Jutting rocks gnaw at exposed rocker panels unprotected by the Highlander’s modest factory running boards. Adding heavy-duty aftermarket rock sliders yields dent resistance while allowing solid jack points for extraction when stuck. An optional step design maintains easy cab access.

Essential Recovery Gear

Toyota Highlander Recovery Point

Smart preparation ensures you can self-rescue the Highlander when stuck far from help. Consider:

  • Traction boards like MaxTrax to escape slippery mud/sand
  • Winches for self-extraction when stuck
  • Shovels/tools to clear debris or conduct repairs

Traction Boards – Don’t Get Stuck Spinning Wheels

Inevitably, all off-road rigs eventually encounter terrain that defeats their traction. Whether bulldozing rear-wheel-drive Highlanders in slippery mud or sandy pits, having a set of recovery boards on hand quickly gets you moving again without digging. MaxTrax-style boards interlock under the drive tires for instant gripping traction.

Winches Allow Solo Extraction from Nearly Any Situation

Toyota Highlander Winche

When wheels are stuck at the bottom of a ravine or perched at an improbable angle, having a rugged winch system pays for itself in self-recovery capability. Waterproof electrics and a durable synthetic line easily pull the Highlander free from spots even robust four-wheel drive cannot. Winch in concert with rigging straps opens endless recovery options.

Conquer Off-Road Adventures

What may appear only as a mundane family carver reveals impressive overland talents when properly modified into a lifted all-terrain explorer. With the right blend of increased clearance, protection accessories, and upgraded drivability components, the humble Highlander graduates into a highly capable adventure mobile ready to roam confidently off the beaten path. Use this comprehensive upgrade guide to maximize your Toyota’s rugged capabilities.

Toyota Highlander Off-Road Build

Truckin Magazine and This Week’s Wander have built impressive real-world examples proving the Highlander’s overland potential.

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